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Things to Do in the Monkey Island World When You're Dead: RotPG "Did You Try?" List

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There were many pieces of hidden dialogue, reactions and laughs that could be found by trying some random things throughout the episode, so here they are! This is another excuse to replay a wonderful episode!

Did you try:

- Using a note with the grog machine after getting the bottle of grog and the change
- Using the notes with the tip jar (in your inventory)
- Using your sword with the actual swordmaster (instead of Morgan)
- Asking Galeb "What did you say your name was again?" multiple times
- Giving some money to the treasure hunter
- Using the tip jar with the dog (in your inventory)
- Using LeChuck's sock with Galeb before you lure the dog to the Crossroads centre
- Giving Galeb back his dog
- Using the dog with Morgan
- Using the money with the thief
- Using the tip jar with the thief
- Using the chest with Galeb
- Clicking on the pile of scrolls while the dog is still in there
- Looking at Guybrush's gravestone multiple times
- Looking at every gravestone
- Using the anchor with the skull and crossbones
- Using the sock with the tiny pyrite parrots
- Clicking on the main mast of LeChuck's ship the first time that you are on board
- Talking to demon LeChuck and demon Elaine multiple times while they are planning their wedding
- Actually using your shred of life with the main rip while in the Land of the Dead
- Looking at the dead tree twice
- Going through the rip multiple times as a ghost
- Continually eating gum off the jail windowsill
- Continually clicking on the dead seagull after the Voodoo Lady has spoken to you through it
- Exiting Club 41 as a ghost and as a zombie
- Examining every item in your inventory while being beaten up on LeChuck's ship
- Waiting until the end of the credits to see if there was a very nice cutscene at the end to scratch your head over (if you didn't already do this one, shame on you)
- Waiting after the mentioned cutscene to find out about a special

Okay, anyone found any other nice little bonuses within the episode?
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