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How can i get the MUG in that jail?
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  • You just have to left-click on it. Then wait 'til you get kicked out of your body again. Then return to Club 41 as a ghost and you will find that Guybrush's body (the one holding the dart board) with have a mug in his hook.
  • Yeah but there is a problem...everytime im in that jail im not in that one with the mug and the how can i go in the other jail?
  • Oh, of course. Well then. If you have already found Bugeye's pink diary behind the loose brick then all you have to do is go back to Bugeye in Club 41 and ask him how he got out of the manatee. Now that you've read his diary, Guybrush will be able to guess correctly (providing you click the right options).

    I think you'll be able to figure out what to do from here.
  • Yep i did all those things! But i can't put Bugeye in the jail , im trying to do one of those scary faces but none of them works! Im completely stuck!
  • Well, he asks if you are mocking him. So try to do the same face he is pulling. It was.. stinky,tweaking,meanie for me.
  • Just try taking it again. And, as in most of these games, if you can still ask to be sent somewhere, there are decent odds you still need to go. Check all around the edge of the window, if you haven't yet.
  • I need the secret box too how can i get the belt buckle i don't have it in my inventory.
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