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The MI 3 that never was

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Ron Gilbert's original concept for a third game!

The question is, what would you think if Gilbert, Grossman and Shafer made that third game, picking right up from LCR and pretended Curse, Escape and Tales never happened? Ignoring how unlikely this is to happen, of course, would this be a travesty and disrespectful to the franchise?

If those three wanted to make that final missing game (PLEASE!!! I'M BEGGING HERE!! WANT MY BLOOD?!?! A LIMB??!!? MY FIRSTBORN?!?! TAKE THEM... WHATEVER IT TAKES!!), should they try to steer the franchise back to where they want it and go from there, or ignore everything from Curse onwards?

In short, are you an MI purist or liberal?
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  • I think Tales made a pretty good job mixing the different "tastes" of each game. Some moments felt like MI 1 2 3 and 4. True it doesn't get as good as MI 2 but, if we think about it, it's not that concept that fails, it's just lack of time/polishing and stuff, but then, I think they reached a balanced MI, with all the ingredients we've liked from each game, and that "recipes", with some work in the future, could give something even greater.

    So I don't know... I hated MI 3 at first, because it was way too cartoonish, and completely destroyed MI 2's ambiance. But then with the time, I came to like that approach too. (But I think that's because the realsation is just outstanding.) I hated MI 4, some things were cool but it was way too lame in my opinion. But then again, if ToMI is not the last of the series, it could be very awesome in some future installments.

    I think the 2 second kinda closes itself. I don't see a "serious and dark" sequel to that, since it's the conclusion.
  • According to some rumors I heard, Ron Gilbert's original vision was that Guybrush and Elaine never get married because Elaine eventually starts seeing Guybrush as "just a friend." And considering the last three games were mostly about their marriage, the series would've been completely different for sure.
  • MostlyJollyRoger;240621 said:
    Would this be a travesty and disrespectful to the franchise?
    In short, yes. The Curse of Monkey Island, Escape from Monkey Island—yes, even that one—and Tales of Monkey Island aren't bad games but are decent-to-excellent entries into the franchise. To not only ignore but to entirely throw them out the window would be a great disservice to the people who worked on them.

    If there is to be something akin to Gilbert's Monkey Island 3 (and who's to say that Tales of Monkey Island doesn't take ideas that Gilbert had for Monkey Island 3, since he helped form the story), it will have to be worked around the story as progressed by the next three games. It is what it is now.
  • I tend to agree with you, Sabre. I really do like the later games, and think the teams behind them did a sterling job.

    But I can help wondering how it could (should??) have all turned out...
  • I had no objections if Gilbert came back to make his "Monkey Island 3a" game as an alternate-universe sequel thingy (even though that would be the real universe).

    All it would do would be to conclude the "real" trilogy the way Gilbert originally envisioned it, and even if his version is disappointing I'd LOVE to know what it was. Only condition would of course be that they would really do it exactly like it would have been planned back then (probably with updated technology, idk, making it 16 color VGA is probably not gonna work :) ) and act as if MI3, 4 and TMI never happened.

    OR they could do a reverse ghost busters. Ghost busters had 2 movies and the 3rd part came out as a game. So yeah. MI movie, based on SMI and LR2 and on Gilberts original idea? I'd like that. (Not as much as a game, but whatever works. I just want to know what Ron thought back then.)

    With that done, Lucas/TTG could continue the "CMI" story with Tales Season 2 and 3 and 4 etc. The movie version would get even less in the way.
  • I may have first played Secret back in 1993, and LeChuck's Revenge in 1994, but I still think the Curse is the greatest of the Monkey Island series. I love the first two entries in the series, don't get me wrong, but I don't think retconning Curse, Escape and Tales would do any good.

    In my opinion, the two biggest weaknesses of the Monkey Island series has been the uncreative stories and the horrible endings. This has been true of all the Monkey Island games to date, including Tales. To be fair, the story in Tales was more interesting than it usually is, but has of yet it has not been concluded, so I'm reserving judgment until I play the second season.
  • Didn't Gilbert say if he did go back and make another Monkey Island game that he could actually include CMI in it? This was after he played that game. I STILL don't know if Gilbert ever finished Escape from Monkey Island, all I remember was an interview where he said he's not played it and was shocked when the reviewer told him the ending was Guybrush in a Giant Monkey Robot! :p
  • Monkey Island 3.5: The Secret Revealed or You'll Get Your Money Back!
  • If it was Gilbert, Grossman and Schafer I would have no problem with them going back and continuing the series from where MI2 left off. If it was other people, that would be a problem.
  • If they decided to disregard Curse,tales and escape, i would rage. Then buy the game.
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