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My Score to TTG work

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Im sorry for my bad english, i will try to make it easy.

After playing all 5 games twice, i finished the game and say... So... thi is the end? :confused:

I dont understand the ppl here saying it was awesome... i cant really understand it... U really use to play adventure games?

Lets begin:

I really hate to see that u didnt try it enough to make a good game...
When u have a lot to use, and just a little things used, it pisses me off...


Guybrush Ghost... He couldnt touch anything in the word of the living, althoug... Why his steps did make noise? why the water "jumps" when he jump into the sea? Why cant his ghost fly?

Well, really nices mistakes, so u r a ghost, u can see trhough a chest, but u cant touch anything, but u do can walk only in the floor... This is just minor.

Graphics quality: Bad

Lechuck becomes PrimeLeChuck, a green light shows off and then, he is transformed. So good... (sarcasm)
Same to Elaine...

Then we kill LeChuck giving our only chance to live again doing all the sacrifice that we should never do... and... WHITE SCREEN.... C´mon!! a White Screen???? a White Screen'???? That´s the best u could do? i dont think so...

Guybrush comming to Life... well, he didnt even put the ring in the crossroad. Offcourse, not even 1 effect.
Water Effects? who needs them....? When u get under the Keelhaul of the ship, not 1 bubble apeared or a water effect making it hard to see or a simply wave... nothing....
The lighthing was normal.

The quality of the textures are pretty square, so is that, that Elaine is really... i dont know the word to explain it... Es cuadrada, sin profundidad ni nada...
Then... The blood... Why not blood? the game already losse all the "rate" when u started to make sexual references. The blood would be a really nice effect to see when someone is Dead or Sleeping...

The History so far was good, has a lot of characters, but u could have do a little more...
Maybe Something more to Santino than his grave
Maybe Wally should be a good touch
Murray´s body could be a funny touch....
DeSinge just dissapeared... no one ever mentioned him again...
What happened to the monkeys of Montevideo??
What Happened to a lot of characters that were not mentioned again?

You guys could have do a lot of things, a lot of jokes, a lot of nice things, some dejavus, but u didnt... U make it that way, leaving all the questions without answers or explanations...
Yes, you could say, "seasion 2 will explain", i allready have so many questions that need to be answered, we really dont need more...
The Ring thing... Elaine should have know it all from the beginning... she mentioned to trust her... well, that might be part of the plot... or something with nosense-needed.

The Insult Swrodfigthing was... short, easy, and short, and easy... The "puzzlez" were all easy... so hard for a 5 year old child...

I know u r a company, that makes money rather than games... I know u wanted to "get to new ppl" rather than the "old school". I know it, but i´d just like to see some effort from you, you coud really make an exellent game...

The game hisrty was good, the personalityes were good, u just need to work on effects, hard, and timing... Maybe if u were doing it for free, then u will be working for the game, and not for the money. Maybe there is some "middel point" in Money-Quality...

Well i hope this helps to a possible future season 2, im trying to say the bad things just to have a chance to make u see some things that i consider mistakes. Maybe in the future u can make an exellent game, but ToMI needs a lot of work.

Score: 6/10

Good: History, characters, plot.
Bad: Puzzlez difficulty, effects, TTG effort.
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  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!

    i only read the first few lines of your complaint, but i have to say.... IT'S A GAME!!!! ENJOY it!!!! DON'T ASK STUPID QUeSTions!!!! it's not the theory of relativity, it's just a GAME!
  • Man, check that out! One dissatisfied customer or what? You're difficult to please...
    While some of the things you mentioned could be fixed up, remember what sort of schedule Telltale games works under. I think they've done a great job, even if there were a few cop-outs time to time. The kind of detail you're talking about, Telltale would need to have enough capital to keep the company running for a whole year, till they could make a feature-lenght adventure game.

    I did expect Murray to have at least a short appearance at the end of the fifth episode...he showed up several times during CMI, why would he show up only once in this season? Or did I miss him entirely?

    It's funny how it's harder to please the "old school" gamers when you give them a lot more to look forward to.
  • There was a lot more effort put into the game than you think, but on their time restraints they couldn't do everything. The game isn't meant to be Crysis.

    As far as De Singe, he got a proper ending when he died, and he wasn't a pirate so he couldn't go to the pirate crossroads. Somehow Morgan could since she was a pirate hunter, but thats still the way it worked.

    You also seem to imply that Telltale is more about money than quality? What's your basis for that? Telltale isn't a multimillion dollar corporation like LucasArts, they haven't made billions upon trillions off of their games. They are hardly doing it "for the money". The game has a ton of quality in it, and I agree that it's not perfect, but apparently you won't be happy unless it is.
  • Holy crap dude, you obviously never played adventure games from the original age of Monkey island, who gives a flying monkey about the detail you are complaining about, it was a *monkey* brilliant sequel to the original series, capturing all the feeling and giving a great sense of familiarity as far as I am concerned. (And I laughed my ass off).
    And on the great voodoo nail clippings of a three headed monkey I dare you to play the original Monkey Island and review the difficulty in puzzles and the amount of pixels before you complain about dazzling 3-D FX and the lack thereof.
    This old school gamer gives it 5 out of 5 Monkeys.
  • My Score to TTG work
    I say, your score sucks.
  • In defense of the graphics, particle effects, etc, Tell Tales was trying to develop a game that would look okay on the wii as well as the PC. If they had worked on separate versions rather than just a port from one system to another, you probably would have seen bubbles in the water and other special effects on the PC version. Sadly the wii is just too underpowered to handle effects like that if they aren't programmed efficiently.

    But I can agree with some of the other points you have made. To be honest I forgot about the monkeys completely. Poor lil buggers.
  • Telltale is a small company and they had a challenging deadline for each chapter. They did very well just to get every episode out on the days they said they would! They must have been under a LOT of pressure.

    Due to some of the comments you made, it sounds like you're actually putting in effort to find flaws. I agree that there were some very minor details that didn't make sense (like physics and Guybrush's ghost) but for such a small company who didn't have much production time, there's only so much that's possible. The special effects you mentioned, for example, when LeChuck transformed and whatnot. I mean, you can't expect some movie-style effect that would take weeks of work to perfect, because they only had weeks to produce each chapter.

    I'm not saying your opinion is wrong, I mean everyone's free to choose what they like and dislike, but I think it's important you know how little time they had to work on the project, and that they aren't a huge, high-budget company. I get the impression you weren't aware of this, so that's fair enough. Just make sure you've done your research next time before going into a big rant.
  • ...Preeeetty much what everyone else said.
    (Maybe not thin029, that may be a little harsh :p)

    Telltale did a fantastic job with the time that that was given to them, and even so, if they were given 10 years it would still be fantastic.
  • In terms of Ghost Guybrush, there simply was not enough time to change all of those animations. They were pressed for time and did their best.

    The graphics were pretty good, for a game developed by an independent gaming company. I do agree on Le Chuck's death, however. Just a white screen was disappointing.

    I do agree on the issue of the lack of blood. I understand why they didn't include it, but if it was supposed to be more serious then it would have been nice to see some blood, even if it was just a small amount.

    In terms of your questions on the game's history, I have no idea what happened with the Monkeys of Monteveo (sp?). Maybe they'll explain in the Second Season of ToMI, but I doubt it. Murray and Santino were both joke characters, so they shouldn't do anything serious with them. Murray needs to make a return, though.

    I really enjoyed the Insult Sword Fighting in the Fifth episode, but I agree it was too easy. Had it been longer, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. But again, Telltale was pressed for time. Telltale attempts to release an episode every month, so putting in the level of detail you are used to in Monkey Island games is not possible. Telltale Games has a much smaller budget than Lucasarts, and often people forget that.

    I think that your rating is harsh, but I agree with a lot of your criticisms.

    With all of that said, I do feel that people are being too harsh on you. I'm not part of the Telltale team or a moderator, but can't we all at least act civil, even if you disagree with the man? He did buy the game, and he has played the other games in the series after all.
  • Oh shut up people. It's a complaint, and there ARE some points. We chose not giving a damn about those points to get entertained, but there are people who chose actually caring those points. I say game's okay, and disagree with most of this guy's sayings, but I like the way he approached at the case, so please show some respect a little.

    Tight schedule excuse can be easily answered with "then don't schedule it too tightly?". Although they thought about us and wanted to give us the familiar characters we've been loving as the fastest as they could, they could've very well done a single big game in a year and that could be even greater than this episodic fashion.
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