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COUPONS: Expiring Soon

posted by nikasaur on - Viewed by 180 users
Attention Telltale Shoppers!

If you've been savvy around our site, you've accumulated a coupon or two for some free episodes or other such bonuses. We're doing some site revamping and wanted to let you know that as of now, existing coupons EXPIRE December 31st, 2009. Now's the time to get into that store, pick up those episodes, and make the magic of Telltale happen.

Treasure hunters, don't worry! We're ironing out the details but there will still be incentive to keep up with the detective-work you guys have done. When we know, you'll know.

However, Monkey Island Pre-order coupons expire in June 2010 and coupons given directly from Support won't expire at all.

Go shoppin'!
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