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Manual unlock request (email unanswered)

posted by Rabbity Thing on - last edited - Viewed by 149 users
Hi gang,

Looking forward to playing Tales of monkey Island, but I'm still waiting for my manual unlock code for episode 1. I sent an email with the required information back on November 30th. Here is the auto response I received:

This is just an automated note to let you know that we've received your request for support and that we'll be getting back to you as quickly as possible.

For your reference, this case has been assigned the code 'issue-24172'. Please make sure to include this code in either the subject or the body of any e-mail you send to us regarding this issue.

Telltale Support
I have checked my PM inbox and my spam folder as instructed, and there are no emails from you guys in there. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

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    David E Telltale Alumni
    That ticket was answered on November 30th. Sorry that you didn't receive the email response :(

    I'll PM you with the details of the message and the unlock code. Hope that helps!
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