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What Dom Armato thought of Rise Of The Pirate God - Alternative Magazine Online

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Hey guys!

It is finally here, Alt Mag Online's last interview with Dominic Armato!



I just wanted to say it has been such a pleasure for me to do these interviews and reviews. Your feedback has really helped me grow and adapt as a writer... as I just explained to Dom, I can't imagine doing anything else now. (It is 2.15am here in the UK but couldn't sleep until I got this all posted!)

Thank you all... I would really love to stay in touch as well. Whether that is here, or even if you follow the site's facebook/ twitter/ read some other reviews/ articles... I would really appreciate it. You guys have really encouraged me and I want the site to be even stronger once series 2 rolls up :D

I'm not going anywhere either, got plenty planned for Telltale's other games... so stay tuned! As always feel free to comment on my site or here, I love hearing what you all think (will be nice to wake up to it all tomorrow!) Hopefully after 5 interviews I have asked Dom every possible question now anyway! :D

- Marty
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  • Dom is such a cool person to interview! Thanks for the interview Marty!!
  • Hah you got the best interviews :D
    Interesting and indepth. Keep up the good work!
  • Nice interview, sad to hear he's a bit bummed out about it ending, but then again I am too.
    Oh well hopefully Lucasarts will announce the Mi2 remake next march as they've hinted and he'll be back in the role. Of course I'm hoping for Tales season 2, but well next march is sooner so that's the closest thing to look forward to.

    Nice to read he enjoyed meeting Ron Gilbert too, seems he finally got the thumbs up from him :)
  • Thanks for the kind words guys. Yeah Santar, I am hoping Mi2 Remake will happen sooner rather than later. I am such a big geek though... playing the finale of TOMI and then asking Dom all those questions makes me feel like one of the most lucky adventure gamers in the world right now! Dom also responded very well to the input from people here on the forums when he spoke to me: it was certainly very nice in the part of the interview where he mentioned certain threads/ the support shown on here. I think even if people disagree with my reviews/ score, we can all agree Dom's voice work has never been less than pitch perfect.
  • Part of me thinks it's a little sad he had to rush trough the episodes in order to be able to do interviews about them tough.
    Hopefully his enjoyment of them wasn't too diminished.
  • I also spoke to him about this: I am sure he enjoyed them just as much as we did (slightly less maybe as he knew what was unfolding somewhat.)

    Just shows his professionalism: he wouldn't answer my questions until he was done... and I gather from our emails the last few days he was being very thorough!

    I love the idea of Dom speaking his lines as he plays, or even speaking out loud when stuck/ puzzling away btw :)
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    That's probably my favourite mini-interview of your series over the last few months. Thanks Marty!
  • Great interview! Totally made my day!! ;)
  • Mine too! Along with the rest of the interviews (especially the first), I think the answers have given us all a great insight into the last five months of Monkey Island! I might have to do another interview again next month anyway and ask what he's wearing, what he had for breakfast and what tv show he is watching at the moment... otherwise I'll feel odd :D haha
  • Awesome interview! So many questions and so many great answers! And I do feel proud I got to contribute something to this and got an answer to my question. ;)
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