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Should Dreamfall Chapters be licenced to TTG?

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Now that we have seen TTG pull off a little drama with excellent results and since TTG is the only developer in the industry that can stick to a schedule, why shouldn't Ragnar Tornquist give his story/script/storyboards to TTG and let them handle the software development?
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  • I liked The Longest Journey, but Dreamfall disapointed me in many ways. So I will not say "no", but it's nothing I'm looking forward ansiously...
  • The Longest Journey was fantastic, but the ending to Dreamfall was far too rushed. The Longest Journey is one of those games that should not have had a sequel.
  • If it was Ragnar Tornquist who started it all, then it should be Ragnar Tornquist (or more exactly, Funcom) who should end it. To be honest, I don't think Telltale would do Dreamfall Chapters any justice.

    At this point telltale has only made games based on comedic cartoons and comics. Don’t get me wrong, I love Telltale and all their games with all of my adventure game playing heart. But it wouldn’t be like Telltales style to make a game like the sequel to The longest journey. Still, if Ragnar Tornqvist would offer telltale doing a collaboration on the Dreamfall chapters. Then I’m certain we would see some interesting results.

    But that doesn’t seem likely, does it? I think The longest journey series should stay where it belongs, with Ragnar Tornquist and Funcom.
  • I loved Longest Journey, but Dreamfall's ending was beyond a joke, I thought i'd another few hours of gameplay left and then Raggy and co's names start flying up the screen.

    Dreamfall's production values were too high as well, if Telltale took it over it might feel like a "toy" (for lack of a better word) version of what is traditionally a visually lush series
  • One-Eyed Kijin;243095 said:
    The Longest Journey was fantastic, but the ending to Dreamfall was far too rushed. The Longest Journey is one of those games that should not have had a sequel.
    Quoted for Truth.

    If there are any sequels, episodic or otherwise, then they need to have some sodding closure. Dreamfall made little to no sense, and then didn't even end properly. A part of me wishes I could just forget the whole thing.
  • swedish_jedi;243114 said:
    At this point telltale has only made games based on comedic cartoons and comics.
    While their main focus seems to be on comedic characters so far, they also developed a couple more serious games as well:
  • Telltale has done some great serious stuff in the past. I think the dreamfall chapters would be a challange for them, but hopefully one they were up to.
  • While I liked The Longest Journey, a whole lot, Dreamfall was just fantastic. I loved it.

    I can't wait for Ragnar to get back to part 3, wether it's Chapters or a full game. To be honest, I'd prefer a full game. And as for TTG doing it? I'm not sure. The one thing that I don't like about TTG is that enviroments from previous games aren't explorable in new games, without having to re-install them in the next chapter. And I think that Dreamfall would try and combat that by building up a massive map, peice by peice.

    I love Telltale, and this way works brilliantly for Sam and Max and Strong Bad, but it's been a bit of a constriction on Monkey Island, I feel. Maybe, if they do another MI (and why wouldn't they?!) fewer chapters with bigger parts?

    I wouldn't mind if Dreamfall 2 takes a few more years to come out, as by then the game will have evolved into a much more well rounded experience.
  • I really think that Telltale Games should talk to Funcom about taking over "Dreamfall Chapters". I fear that Funcom will screw up the episodic format (like everyone else besides TTG has), or it'll get lost in development hell like Duke Nukem Forever. It is just way too good of a story to let it fizzle off and die.

    Funcom seems very preoccupied with their MMORPGS right now, and you can tell that the writer for the series (Tornquist) is frustrated because he has all these ideas and no medium to convey them through.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Highhhhhhly unlikely, marti4d - and not because of the reasons you'd assume! :D

    It's been four and a half years since "Dreamfall" was released. Granted, that was almost seven years after its predecessor, but "The Longest Journey" at least did not end on a cliffhanger. "Dreamfall" did, and that means you can't just continue the story after five, six or seven years and assume that players still know the story, or even that it's still the same players, for that matter!

    Although creator Ragnar Tornquist still has hopes that his saga would continue one day, and although the "Dreamfall chapters" were approached in general concept stages years ago, I find it unlikely that Funcom would still attribute resources to finish the saga. Not concluding his story in "Dreamfall" was Ragnar's fatal mistake, one that he really shouldn't have made, tragic in the literal sense.

    If Funcom was ready to sell or lend the licence to Telltale (which I don't even find that unlikely), our dearest gaming company would face the same problem: Where to begin? They can't just tie all the open story threads together to decently end the story, they would have to explain all over again how these threads came into being for the gamers new to the story! From a storyteller's point of view, that's a tedious and boring thing to do.

    As much as I would love to see Ragnar's story to be concluded, as much as I'd like a "Dreamfall" that actually has decent puzzle elements, as much as I'd want to hear April and Crow again - reviving this franchise is much too risky financially, for Funcom and even more for Telltale. I don't see it. :(

    But thanks for reminding me. One of these days, I'll have to replay my Dreamfall Special Edition (Norwegian + English + Artbook) to see if it runs on Windows 7. Even if there's no gameplay to speak of. ;)

    /edit: I have merged the threads. After my rant, I actually found this old Dreamfall thread. That at least gave me the opportunity to attempt my first thread merge. "IT WORKS! I FINALLY INVENTED SOMETHING THAT WORKS!!"
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