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Which Tales characters would you like to return for Monkey Island 6?

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Which Tales characters do you want to return in Monkey Island 6 and possible other sequels?
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  • I voted Winslow, Morgan and the Pyrite Parrot.
  • The boatman. :rolleyes:
  • mikael;243574 said:
    The boatman. :rolleyes:
  • mikael;243574 said:
    The boatman. :rolleyes:
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    mikael;243574 said:
    The boatman. :rolleyes:
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Winslow, Anemone, Morgan and de Cava. And, I might add, no one else from the first season except the usual Threepy, Plunderbunny, Stan and the voodoo lady (not even G.P. LeChuck). Well, maybe someone who hasn't been named a "character" yet, but definitly belongs in that realm: By the pirate god, please let the "Screaming Narwhal" return!

    It's so nice to have another ally Guybrush can count on. The character has a lot of potential, let's flesh him out a little more...

    Almost no one voted for her. Is that due to her stupid stereotypical behaviour in the last episode? She was pretty cool in TSoSC, and she's with Winslow, sooo...

    Unfinished business! It's obvious she has a few scenes left in her, dead or not.

    de Cava:
    Same as Morgan. His story is just not complete. He has to face the voodoo lady first and reclaim his long-lost love!

    the "Screaming Narwhal":
    I loved the idea of a ship patched together from whatever parts one could find on Flotsam Island. I think the idea was nicely continued and toyed with when Threepwood found a new mast for his ship in the second episode, but later, very unfortunately, forgotten. I want this continued until the entire ship is perfect patchwork. Let's include a pool for Anemone and patch up the sail with Stan's coat, and, and...

    ...let us finally enter that d*** door!

    And one last word concerning LeChuck: He's double-dead now, could we please get rid of him, pretty please? I find it annoying to kill him in every game. Let's do something fresh for MI6 / Season 2!
  • By Santino I'm just wondering do you mean the murray "Santino" :P? I always love Murray's brief cameos.

    And the boatman would be cool to see again. I'm just wondering, in the game did we ever find out if the boatman was the Lost Welshman from CMI? I'm still in the middle of replaying the games to find all the things I missed, so pardon me if theres an obvious answer to that question.
  • I voted for Winslow :winslow: Santino and Galeb.
  • Morgan, De Singe, Galeb, Bugeye, Santino, and uh...Winslow.
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