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Sam & Max Posters - Will they be available again?

posted by Necroyeti on - last edited - Viewed by 373 users
Unfortunately, the Sam & Max Poster Prints are currently out of print, and therefore my order has been backordered. Will they be available again in the future?
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  • This would be nice to know.

    It'd be also nice to know roughly when the posters ran out of stock.

    An idea for a sticky. Perhaps the status of hard goods in the store should be maintained, so people can see if they are in stock, backlogged or out of print etc.

    I can imagine that'd be hard to though, with an external distributor and all.
  • They're not out of print. We had to send a new supply to Digital River. They were mailed out early last week, so DR should have them within the next few days (if they don't already).

    When something actually runs out of stock, we remove it from the store or post an availability date. In any other situation, if your order says it's backordered, it just means that DR is waiting to receive a shipment from us. We try to prevent a backorder situation but sometimes it takes a couple of days for their system to recognize that the item is back in stock.
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