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Double posting

posted by Lena_P on - last edited - Viewed by 225 users
I've double posted about two or three times now for no discernible reason. I'd seem to post in a regular and timely manner only to find two posts up instead of one. I've noticed a lot of deleted posts that look like they might have been doubles as well.
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  • Did it start today? Earlier today I got a "you have to wait 30 seconds before you can post again" for no apparent reason, then noticed the post I was making was already up. (edit: And it just happened again on this very post!) That's the first time that happened to me here.
    Btw, being a moderator aren't you able to actually read deleted posts and see if they are doubles?
  • I believe only admins can check deleted post logs.
  • I've experienced the double posts as well. One of our guys is on it. Hopefully will be cleared up tomorrow.

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