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Problem redeeming giftcard

posted by Lobsterman on - last edited - Viewed by 109 users
I received the Tales of Monkey Island gift card as a present from a friend today, but I haven't been able to redeem it. I've tried entering the code in both IE and Firefox, I've entered it in several different ways (hyphens, spaces, all caps, lowercase, etc) but no matter what I try, I get "We couldn't find that code. Please double-check your typing. If it still doesn't work, e-mail us for help.".

The characters in the code are very clear, I've double and triple-checked them to make sure I'm entering it right, but no luck. Has anyone had a similar issue? Is there some way to enter the code that I'm not comprehending properly? Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Hi Lobsterman,
    Please send me the code either in a pm or through [email][/email] and I'll check it out.

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