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Monkey island season 3 clue?

posted by homsarthesong on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
some may have posted this already, but at the end of tales of monkey island, there a link to go there!
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  • There's already a thread about this. It was the second from the top when you started posting.
  • Besides, everyone knows about it, so there is no point of reminding the same ol' thing again and again.
  • look obsessive poster, (sorry if that offended you) i dont need to be corrected like the time i "accidentaly" posted a strong bad picture group when there already was one.
  • let me tell you how obvious SandM season 3 is, i was just searching casually for sam and max 2010 (because it was meant to come out in 2009 and didn't) and i found it on google. later at the end of MI, it gave the the site link. so as you can see, i found it before any forum or game, just casually searching. everyone knows about that game. the real question is the month. i mean, they could release the 1st episode in december and still call it 2010 because technically, they released the start of the game in 2010.
  • Just finished Tale of Monkey Island - Chapter 5.
    The site at the moment? I am dissapoint:
  • It's the same with the website address gave out if you hacked the PC version to get the Future specs, they could have at least patched those in and have that link contain all the missing artwork that was found AFTER the DVD release!
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