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I watched Avatar

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First off, go see it its awesome...

What does it have to do with MI you ask?

well I was watching it and everytime the Pandorans were on screen I couldnt tell the difference between the males and females and it made me think of MI's own Slender 98% naked blue skinned beings. So if you were wondering what the Merfolk looked like when they had legs look no further than Avatar.

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  • Hmmm that is awesome, I need to see that movie.
  • I don't think they're all THAT similar. After all, the Na'vi generally have a strong similarity in facial features to their mocap counterparts, and you generally get the sort of feminine or masculine faces of their actors. I guess it's kinda similar, though. And I suppose I'm only speaking from what I've seen of promo material, too.

    I'm kind of incredulous that this film will do for 3D what The Jazz Singer did for sound, what The Wizard of Oz did for three-strip Technicolor, or what Star Wars and ILM did for special effects in the industry. Granted I haven't seen the film yet, but I just don't see Avatar being the next American Classic.
  • Avatar in 3D is simply amazing. The story and all, it's OK. But I watched it for the special effects, and wasn't disappointed.

    I didn't think of the merpeople at the time, but now that you mention it...
  • Avatar had brilliant visuals but there were too many extended periods of nothing-ness. It was an okay movie though. I give it 72%.
  • So you all enjoyed it? I might have to go see it then.
  • Friar;246004 said:
    So you all enjoyed it? I might have to go see it then.
    Yeah, it's worth seeing if you're a sci-fi fan. There are some very cool creatures and a lot of luminous plant life in the Pandora jungle which are best experienced at the cinema.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    It looks like an absolutely beautiful movie! I've been waiting for it to come out. I don't go to the cinema that often, but will definitely go for this.
  • I thought the story was touching and sweet... I'm an instant rabid fanboy.
  • i thought it was an outstanding movie, the scenes were breath-taking, the creatures and characters were brilliant, they had alot of culture to them, alot of depth...i saw it in 3D in normal cinema but ive got to see it in IMAX....also i cant wait for Sherlock Holmes.....but anyway on the topic of Merfolks....i always thought of pandorans looking more feline type then aqua, i could see the stuture for the new Thundercats movie by there faces...but the skin tone would do justice to the merfolk if there were featured in a Monkey Island live action movie
  • Wolfstar27;246072 said:
    also i cant wait for Sherlock Holmes.....
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