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Umm... I'm doing a Fundraiser for Child's Play.

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Ah, forum viewer! So good of you to join me! I'm not so popular YouTube user SDvsRaw. And I'm here to tell you about my fundraiser for Child's Play. Similar to what TellTale did, I'm doing a live stream. I'll be playing a specific game to completion for about two hours then I will take requests from viewers (as long as I have the game). Make sure to sign up for a Ustream account before you watch so you can use the chat.

Go here to see the stream, to chat, and donate:

I will be streaming everyday (except maybe Christmas) until Jan 5th.
At 9.00pm GMT, 1.00pm Pacific, 4.00pm Central. Other time's I'm not so sure, sorry. Please come to the stream and help out as much as you can, it is really needed.
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