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Shane Meadows

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Anyone here a Shane Meadows fan? Best director that's ever lived imo. Saw his new film 'Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee' a few weeks back and found it hilarious but seemed to lack the magic of Romeo Brass and Dead Man's Shoes. Perhaps because it was on a budget £5,000 and was shot over 5days with no script (DMS cost more like £1m) Anyone else seen it and what did you think of it? Cant help but admire Meadows and Considine for this film (they are geniuses) and I'm all for seeing more low budget films from Shane but after Somers Town and Le Donk I'm hoping he has more backing for his next project. Still great films though. Heres a funny clip of Le Donk chatting to the Arctic Monkeys from the credit sequence
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