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I really hate Elaine in the ending sequence (SPOILER)

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She always has a plan????? What this plan was???
That's a bad screenplay joke, Telltale....
It ruins all the plot. :(

I don't even think that anyone at Telltale knows what plan she has on... it's just an bad excuse to create some suprise, but it totally fails....

If this is the help that Ron gave you about Elaine's role (as you said in an early interview)... better leave him home next time.

Another enigma to solve in the Monkey Island universe.... I'm getting bored with these tricks.

Being propositive: change the latest lines of the game and re-release an updated version, with longer and corrected ending sequence.

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  • I assumed it wasnt a long term plan but shes acting like it was one like she lied about killing LeChuck in LR
  • She always has a plan????? What this plan was???

    Her plan was to turn herself into LeChuck's demon bride to get hold of the cutlass, and be able to attack LeChuck when Guybrush comes and turns her back to human. Besides being quite crazy, what's so wrong with that? :confused:
  • I think the only real long-term plan was the whole ring thing. I reckon she found out about the Crossroads, LeChuck's spell and spirit reconstitution from LeChuck while she was under the influence of his voodoo belt buckle, then gave her ring to Guybrush in case he needed to use it for said spell.
  • From what I've gathered through the plot implications + Telltale staff's suggestions, Elaine had a "plan" to expose Voodoo Lady from the beginning, but couldn't predict several things like the spread of the pox, LeChuck's Voodoo belt, Guybrush dying, etc. So, she had to improvise a lot throughout the whole game, especially at the end. Her plan didn't work out to perfection, but she did have one.

    My best guess is that when the whole cutlass plan went haywire, she came up with another way to get rid of LeChuck for good, (in order to break the whole "fate" thing Voodoo Lady is apparently responsible for) so she might have planned a thing with the crossroads in which she allows LeChuck to try and open the rips, (so allowing him to set up the monkeys) have Guybrush in his physical form go through and stab LeChuck from that side while she got the other side. So in that case, that's probably where her whole plan with the ring came from, (thus what she was referring to when she said she always has a plan near the end) as insurance for Guybrush if something were to go wrong. You just have to kind of assume she researched some voodoo before all this.

    As you can imagine though, things didn't go according to plan. Voodoo belt buckle charmed her into letting her guard down, Guybrush got killed, etc. So near the end she went with gut instinct. Guybrush mentions Voodoo Lady and Elaine acts all surprised, like if she didn't know he was communicating and being led around by her that whole time during the esponja ordeal. Then she comes up with that quick plan to turn into a demon to get her hands on the cutlass and this is where we get a whole set up for "Elaine trusts Guybrush so much she know he'll bring her back from her possessed state and goes with the plan." So she thinks they got rid of LeChuck for good by the end, thus breaking Guybrush out of his Voodoo Lady strings. Little did she know, Voodoo Lady was too smart for her, as you can see by the after-credits scene. :|

    Anyway, that's the way I see it. Sure, it can be considered a bit of sloppy writing, but sometimes in these situations you have to come up with an explanation yourself so you can understand what is happening.

    On the good side, this whole ordeal won Elaine the "Magnificent Bastard" trope, and that was the most awesome thing ever.
  • Thank you, Pecan! I can understand, and i read those things along other posts (although i would be pleased if you can remind me what are Telltale staff's suggestions), but here screenplay is more than sloppy....

    The qustion is:
    why YOU have to tell me the ending, and not the game itself?

    And by the way, my view is that "the Elaine Master plan" about voodoo lady is soooo abstract, that we can only deduce it.... but reality is that it doesn't exist, because there's no proof about it in the game. The only proof of it is that short, brief, backstabbing last sequence.

    Elaine knows the voodoo lady's plan? And the LeCuchk's Belt thing? And again you think that the Bad Elaine passage is accurately explained? The Morgan's body disappearing?
    And in the end what the screenplay says? "I'm Elaine and i know everything because i always do plans"! What the hell of explaination is that??? Telltale, are you joking? Why is left to the player to write the ending when you've been so keen on details?
    This is really poor writing.

    I think that Telltale made "The f***ing great Elaine's plan" out to tight some loose ends that they weren't able to explain.
    Poor writing , as I said.

    We don't need anymore "unexplainable mysteries" in Monkey Island ", from "the unknown secret", through "big Whoop", to "Herman Thoothrot's family" and ending with "the misterious plan of Elaine and Voodolady". They are really ruining the saga.

    And the ridiculous funniest thing is that the hardest puzzle of TOMI is its storyline....
    Poor writing , I say again.
  • The qustion is:
    why YOU have to tell me the ending, and not the game itself?

    Because while this season may be over, the game itself might not be over yet. If they decide to do a second season, I'm sure that everything will be explained. And at this point, how can they not do a second season? The last scene is obviously a teaser.
  • I thought it was pretty obvious that she was just referring to becoming the demon bride to ultimately help Guybrush defeat LeChuck. Before she agreed to it you hear her go "hmm.." or something when LeChuck said mortals couldn't handle the sword.
  • Maxilyah wrote: »
    Because while this season may be over, the game itself might not be over yet. If they decide to do a second season, I'm sure that everything will be explained. And at this point, how can they not do a second season? The last scene is obviously a teaser.

    Did you ever played Tex Murphy Overseer? It ends with a teaser scene and I was saying "how can they not do a sequel?". Well, they didn't.
    Also after MI2 ending scene I was saying "how can Ron Gilbert not do a sequel?". He never did it.

    Your answer is full of "IF", "MIGHT", "WILL".
    And while you're "sure" that everything will be explained, I really doubt it - I think it simply wouldn't fit in another season.

    And by the way IMHO this was a very confusing and bad written finale.
  • From review:
    "As with many stories, the game raises more questions than answers. It calls into doubt the true intentions of the Voodoo Lady, and she takes a much larger role than in previous games. The characterization of Elaine seems to back flip between the character we all know and love to someone with intentions not quite as clear. Each episode progressively improved in gameplay and story until Episode 5, where the characterization of Elaine slipped and none of the questions raised were ever answered."
  • Maybe it's a result of being a Lost fanatic, but I've grown to the idea that a story doesn't always explain itself perfectly. We have to infer things, because that's what the characters themselves have to do. If we're assuming that Guybrush sees what the player sees, then we can only know what happens directly to him. He wasn't around Elaine for most of the story... and she didn't explain everything to him (yet)... ergo, we don't know either. It's the result our point of view being Guybrush's point of view. We got a couple of scenes where Elaine looked like she was thinking, but because the story follows Guybrush, we didn't see any of the set up for her planning.

    What Pecan inferred above is pretty much what I took from the story. Could it have been tighter writing? Probably. But I don't think it's bad, per se. Granted, I've only played the last chapter once; sometimes things like to reveal themselves with a second play-through. And the final sequence was blatant sequel bait - though whether or not a second season is actually going to be made is unconfirmed - so TellTale would like to have a chance to explain/expand on the story, at least.

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