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Unable to claim treaure hunt prizes

posted by TheAlmightyWale on - last edited - Viewed by 257 users
For some strange reason i cannot claim any of the treasure hunting prizes, I got the first three when they came out and they worked perfectly, i was able to get the shiny concept art and avatars and journal.

I came back when all the maps were realeased and got them by changing the treasure hunting url
after doing this and finding all the treaures in-game, i came back to the website,clicked on the completed treasure maps and instead of a reward popping up, there is a pop-up telling me that i need to go into TOMI, and find the treasure. but when im in-game all the maps are completed.

I emailed telltale about a week ago and i've gotten the automatic reply, but no other emails since then.

Please help, i would like to be able to use the coupons before they expire >.<
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