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I'm playing Sam & Max at the moment and loving every second of it! My girlfriend took a look at the game and wants to play too.

I am using Windows XP with separated user directories. After switching users I got my own savegames. I looked in the game folder and found the savegames here. Is there anyway the savegames can be put in the user profile directory? I already tried to change the "Start in" entry in the shortcut to point to another directory but that didn't work.

This is probably a feature request so I'm not hoping that this will be changed soon...



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    Nope, as of right now that's not possible. Since there are six "pages" for saves (more than you'll probably need), could you use pages 1-3 and your girlfriend could use 4-6?
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    No, because you'd have to fill the first three up to get to the second three. I can only access pages 1 and 2, because I've only filled up page 1...

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    No you don't. :confused:

    Just click the tabs at the bottom of the page. You should be able to switch pages that way.

    EDIT: My mistake, I just checked and you're right. :(

    EDIT 2: Okay, I'm not crazy - I checked with the devs and you used to be able to click tabs for empty pages, but it changed at some point before the game shipped.

    Here is the solution we came up with - it's not very sexy, but it should at least help you keep track of which saves are yours and which are hers. You can go into the game folder and change the name of the saved files to something that makes them easier to identify (like your name). The save will then display with that name instead of with the timestamp. A little cumbersome, but it should at least solve your immediate problem.

    Thanks for bringing this up! It's always good to hear what kind of functionality people are looking for with this sort of thing.
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    Thanks for looking into it. Maybe something to put in the upcoming Bone re-release??

    I think that Program files and data should be seperated. Program files can be restored easily by installing the program from CD or downloading the program. Settings and savegames can not unless you have a good backup. And users can have different settings and data (like savegames).

    Micro$oft has created the application data folder under the user's profile directory for this sort of data. It has it's own environment variable: %APPDATA%

    Therefore I think this isn't even hard to implement. Just point to the %APPDATA%\TellTale Games\Sam and Max\ (or something like this) for the savegames.

    Hope to see this implemented in the next releases...

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