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Best Music of the 00's

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Ha, whaddaya know! We're at the end of another decade of music. Future music fans will look back on the music of this decade and think "wow, what a load crap!". But though the music industry and the charts have drowned in a sea of terrible, bland, soulless rubbish (popular for what reason, nobody knows), there was just as much awesome music made by real musicians who knew how to play their instruments, knew how to write songs and injected passion into their music. I know that most of you guys that hang out at the TTG forums aren't sucked in by the garbage music that relies of hooks and synthesizers alone, most of you have rather unique, different and good tastes in music - which is why I'd like to know what was some of your favourite music of the 'noughties'. What were the best albums of the 00's? The best songs? Best new artists? Best old artists? Your opinion...?
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