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Which Was Your Favourite MI Interface?

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Five different interfaces. Which one treated you the best?

Edit: This thread doesn't already exist, does it?
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  • I liked Curse's the best, honestly. Context sensitivity keeps me from going crazy, but I still like a few different categories, so I was rather disappointed at the lack of various interactivity options in Tales.
  • Yup, Curse it is.
    On the contrary, I'd say SMI:SE has the worst version. Although it's the same as the original & 2 except the verbs and inventory pop up, the way they pop up is really annoying to me.
    TMI might have the most simple interface of all, but it works in the context of the game.
  • I've gotta go with Curse, as well. It was the coin for me; it just worked. The graphics also gave it an edge when it came to being able to find things. The first two games were good, but involved a bit too much pixel hunting to be considered completely "smooth" for me. I have a soft spot for the point and click, though.

    I liked the interface for Tales. The only thing that got to me was, occasionally, the "combine two items" component (I kept accidentally clicking off the screen), but that's a minor gripe.
  • Indrid Cold;249374 said:
    On the contrary, I'd say SMI:SE has the worst version. Although it's the same as the original & 2 except the verbs and inventory pop up, the way they pop up is really annoying to me.
    SE's interface was horrendous. I get that they didn't want to sacrifice their pretty art and put a big box of verbs in the way all the time or whatever, but with so many verbs to choose from it gets way too annoying to have to pop up the box EVERY TIME, especially since my memory's not too great and I can't remember all the specific shortcuts for each verb. It didn't help that it was my first Monkey Island game, so it took me forever to realize that I could pick up stuff from the get-go, because even though they give you some instructions at the beginning, there is no clear indication that you have something other than two default verbs.

    However, EMI still has my vote for worst interface.
  • thin029;249397 said:
    Escape. Definetly
    Wow, I didn't think anyone would choose it as their favourite! It's the one I liked the least.
    My fav was Curse, like most people apparently.
  • I preferred Curse, the coin was really good and I liked the ability to examine, talk, pick up etc, it was good.

    The worst was EASILY SOMI:SE. I played it on PC, and having to hit the buttons on the keyboard and then use the mouse was cumbersome and lame. I actually switched to the original because it was so much easier than bringing up the two menus.
  • Tales had a decent system, but I did think the combining thing was unnecassary. Clicking on one item then the other one would have been good as an option, as the disc animation was cool, but cumbersome.

    I also wish there were more options, like Curse had. Hopefully that will be the case in the second game.
  • Curse. Easy verb coin, combining multiple functions into three options, allowing for more dialogue and more engaging puzzles. And real stumpers, such as biting the cork off the shaving foam bottle. Was off-screen, but both coin and inventory accessible easily. Inventory combination straight to the point, which was the worst thing about Tales. Tales' inventory system was simply convoluted, I really don't know why they didn't go with the simple and time-tested version of "select item and click on another item to try to combine"; their system of examining inventory items was also irritating.

    EMI had the worst interface in my view, since it was the same disjointed system as Grim Fandango. Plus, it took me ages to work out not only how to combine items, but that you could combine them at all.
  • I liked having the items right there.
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