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Suggestions for the Collector's DVD

posted by Kamikaze_Tutor on - last edited - Viewed by 2.9K users
Mock-up cover. Sexy isn't it?[/CENTER]

So we're already in 2010 and just can't wait for that promised Tales of Monkey Island Collector's DVD.

I've been thinking about what would it have and probably some people are still holding their fingers back on that checkout button, so I compiled a little list of things I'd like to see on the upcoming DVD (having in mind low production costs and package size).
  • Steve Purcell's art as the cover
    Just making sure it's going to be the official cover. That or a classic cover art like the previous MI games. Sorry Telltale but that first render of Guybrush still looks awful, the shading makes him look horribly weird.

  • Higher quality speech
    Some lines of dialog would benefit from less compression.

  • Higher quality textures
    Same here, there were times that the textures seemed way to pixelated and blurry.

  • Official Soundtrack (either digital or on a CD)
    Please yes! I won't lie, I've used a tool to extract some music out of Tales of MI and I can't stop listening to them. So obviously, I'd love actual, official, longer versions of tunes like swordfight.ogg. ;)

  • Official Artwork (digital format)
    Since asking for a artbook would be too much, I'd love to have high resolution artwork in the DVD. Please? Pretty please? Please pretty please with sugar on top?

  • And finally (and wishfully)... Steve Purcell's Poster
    Because I'm a bit baffled that the unsigned posters costs nearly as much as two episodes together... No offense to Steve Purcell's work, it's a piece of art, but some people have to pay extra to have for such a small poster shipped. :( (my room's walls are filled with movie size posters)

Newly added:
  • The official deck of tarot cards (added by Indrid Cold)

  • Commentaries, making of and behind the scenes videos (added by Irishmile)

  • Outtake reel (added by Scrawffler)

  • Every episode of I Wonder What Happens (added by pluizig)
So... could the Telltale team please stand up and give us a small peek at what people will get for buying or upgrading to the full season?

And what do you, Monkey Islanders, would like to see in your Collector's DVD? Have in mind that Telltale's probably not going to ship anything more than a DVD within a plastic case, but you can be extravagant if you wish. :P
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  • Rembrandt Q. Einstein;252351 said:
    Also a semi-nude (fully nude is better of course) layout of Elaine and Morgan in the shallows on one of those tiny isolated islands.
    Damn. MI fans a creepy. O_o
  • A couple things I want, and since TTG is reading this. PLEASE. WITH CHERRIES AND ICE CREAM ON TOP.

    1. Make it to where Guybrush can actually SAY all of the dialogue options in Chapter 1.

    2. Add maps to the intro credits as you were originally planning to do. I know Jake said it was planned but you didn't have time, well, NOW YOU HAVE TIME. If you don't, Winslow will cry. And more of Will's art is always a good thing.
  • Will made art, too? (Dang, dude does everything ...)
  • A rubber chicken with a pully in the middle.
    There's a zip wire off a cliff leading to a smaller island just begging to be used. If not, it'll probably be replaced with a bridge, and where's the fun in that?

    But in all fairness, a deck of Tarot cards would be pretty awesome to have.
  • Crap, not Will. I always get them mixed up. I'm thinking of Ryan aren't I.
  • Secret Fawful;252357 said:
    Jake said it was planned but you didn't have time, well, NOW YOU HAVE TIME.
    ...but do we?
  • nikasaur;252457 said:
    ...but do we?
    You do. Do you?
  • Secret Fawful;252357 said:

    1. Make it to where Guybrush can actually SAY all of the dialogue options in Chapter 1.
    Ohh, forgot about this, was quite annoying in Episode 1 how mostly response you clicked was totally different to what Guybrush says, at least it was fixed in later episodes.
  • Well, it can be funny in like Curse of Monkey Island where it is:

    "I've had some nephews over to play with Voodoo dolls. Would you like to see some pictures"
    Guybrush answers (parafrazed, I can't remember the actual responses):
    "In all that is holy, NO"
    "Never. Ever. No"
    "I can't think of anything worse than that. No"

    all turning into "Maybe later"... but Launch didn't have such nice gags with the unspoken options though :(.
  • There were a few in some of the episodes, but I can't remember them off hand of course.
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