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suggestion: difficulty level and hints

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I thought sam and max part 2 was too easy, but the first part (hit the road) had some puzzles that were just too weird/hard.

In general I think it would be great if there was some build-in hint system. Maybe use a difficulty level setting. Were in the easy mode max/sam gives lots of hints. Whereas in the hard mode you get less hints.

I'll use "hit the road" examples to make my point.

1) at the carneval, after trying the "tunnel of love ride" several times. Max makes comment about "light" so one gets idea of using flashlight. This I like.

2) at the Gator park you have to allign the gators to free max. No hints were given. I figured out quite fast that i should feed the gators the bucket of fish. but it did not occur how to feed it to the gators. Point and click with bucket did not work. Turned out you had to use golf stick to smack the fish in here.

No hints were given during game play. Which made it unnecassarily hard.

Would have been nice if Max made some comment bout smacking the fish or something like that.
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  • If you follow all the dialogue trees in every area/situation with Max, or with every character you meet, you can usually figure out what to do in any part of the game. I think Culture Shock was a bit on the easier side (heck, I figured out all the puzzles without any hints) but I don't think it needs to be made so difficult we turn what is supposed to be a 4 hours episode into a month long hair-puller to figure out how to get past a certain scene.
  • Yeah, it's abnormal for me, but I finished the game entirely on my own power. And I'm GLAD.
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