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Can't put my credit card number

posted by Zum on - last edited - Viewed by 381 users
I was buying the great Sam & Max Complete Season (that costs 34$) , but I cannot get my number to work with the module, i've got a postepay (Visa Electron), can you accept one of this? :(

Please!!! I WANT to play now!!
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  • As suggested in this thread, you could link up your Visa Electron to a PayPal account, and then pay with PayPal.

    Unfortunately PayPal is only working for episode 1 right now, not for the whole season. We're working very hard to get this resolved. In the meantime, you can buy episode 1 using PayPal, and when the PayPal issue is fixed for Season 1 we'll let you upgrade to the rest of the season for the same price you would have paid if you'd bought the whole season up front. If you decide to do this, please send me an email or a PM so I can add you to the list, and I'll contact you when the promotion is available.
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