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Fallen (stuck) at the first hurdle (Ep 1) - Help?

posted by MinnieGoodsoup on - last edited - Viewed by 429 users
The shame. I finally get my job, house and boyfriend under control enough to get time to pay due care and attention to my favourite game in the world and I get stuck on the first ep - even walkthroughs can't help me. Anyone have any hints?

I can't get into the doc's house - he's always busy with the poor guy with the spleen, and Guybrush always says he should go back later. I also didn't pick up the parrot at the woodoo lady's house, and didn't have the whole weather-vane/pox cloud incident... I CANNOT get back into the jungle, every time i get to the entrance, whatever path i take, i get kicked back out onto the beach?

I have everything else i think i need, i picked up the flowerpot right at the beginning so i have that, and i have the unbreakable bottle and the breaker tool. I can't break the bottle because the hand won't let me...

If you have any ideas I'd much appreciate the help. I thought i was pretty good at this game until now. Boooooo.
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