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Could not initialize direct3D and error message

posted by samwize on - last edited - Viewed by 20.8K users

i brought cultureshock a few days ago by downloading the demo and unlocking the full game, but when i go on launch game it comes up with an error message saying 'ithis program has caused an error in USER.EXE. or KERNL.EXE.' Then after doing this it says it could not initialise direct3D but i have installed directX and Nvidia. Please could you help me i've waited a decade to play this game.

p.s. i have windowsME not XP
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  • How do I contact TT Support? I'm really new to this website.
  • How do I contact TT Support? I'm really new to this website.

    This page covers all that:
  • I followed the link you provided. Whenever I click on one of the bulleted links a space appears below it but there isn't anything there. It's blank. I'm sure I'm supposed to be seeing an answer or another link or something.:confused:
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    Will BANNED
    I'm TT Support. We actually do read and post on this forum, but apparently those of us who regularly read it were all on vacation at the same time. Whoops! For future reference, anyone with a little ttg logo next to their name is a Telltale employee.

    The Catalyst Software Suite is your most likely solution, but if that doesn't work, you can also try updating your Direct X.

    The Catalyst Software Suite worked great. I ran into an issue that stated "the file tsbyuv.dll is needed", I was able to locate it to finish the installation. And now I know to look for the logo to search for TT Tech Support guys.

    Again a big THANKS to both of you!
  • For the future, the best way to get support quickly is to email -- that way the first available person will get to it, rather than PM'ing a specific person on the forums.
  • Well, I was told that the first place to look for an answer was within the forums. I did email TT Support and I'm actually still awaiting a response.
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    Will BANNED
    If you have been waiting for more than 24 hours (with the possible exception of during a holiday weekend), we have probably already sent a reply. It would be a good idea to check your spam filter to make sure our email didn't get blocked.
  • i seem to be having the same problem with CSI: HE

    I have the intel corporation 810 graphics controller hub,

    but when i try to run the game it says that it "could not initialize Direct3D. Make sure you have current video Drivers and close other applications that might be running."

    I ran the multiple test for Direct3d, the spinning box ect.. and they all passed.
    i really dont know why its not working. If i could get some help it would be much appreciated
  • same problem -- "could not initialize direct3D."

    I have Windows XP.

    I have a GEForce Video card. Direct3D version 9c is running. dx whatever that is says it is working fine on versions 7, 8, and 9, and I see the spinning cube just fine.

    I don't know how to "roll back to old drivers.
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