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  • There was a thread about this a bit back. It's a dumb movie for little kids, and you can actually buy it and see a trailer for it here. Playmobil mostly make toys that I'd pretty much call competitors to LEGO, and this is just based off their little toy line. When you're dealing with two horribly derivative things, you're going to find similarities.
  • Playmobil isn't that similar to Lego in reality. The style is similar, but the scale is suited to a younger age group, and more about playing than building.
  • the cannon fire in that trailer was awesome
  • OzzieMonkey;252846 said:
    Its some film or game or something by some company called PlayMobil.
    "Some company called Playmobil"?! Wow, I always thought Playmobil was at least as famous as lego.
    And I agree, playmobil is much more focusing on playing, and lego on building. It's still quite common to think about one when you hear the other, even though they're different.
    (As a kid I always preferred playmobil. They had all the cool animals and accessories).
  • ...I love me some Playmobil.

    I think they're much bigger in Europe. I had a castle and a victorian house!
  • I had a pirate ship!
  • Visstix;252929 said:
    I had a pirate ship!
    We could have done battle.
  • Visstix;252929 said:
    I had a pirate ship!
    Had? I still have mine! In fact, I feel a need to go for a sail... Nikasaur? Wanna fight?
  • nikasaur;252927 said:
    ...I love me some Playmobil.

    I think they're much bigger in Europe. I had a castle and a victorian house!
    The was once a time when the entire back of our nearest Toys'R'us was dedicated to them. Now they have stack of shelves, and that it. Lgo (atleast the classic assorted random bricks) Seem to have dissapeared completely. In fact the only place i've seen those in the past four years was in legoland. *reminisces*

    Also, i had a pirate ship too. And an airport:p
  • All I had was a Playmobil caravan, but I gave it to a charity shop many years ago. Good times though, I had a lot of fun with it!

    That trailer does look very Monkey Island inspired, not only because it's got that typical pirate-y atmosphere. But also the title, the style of the music, and it even has voodoo and living skeletons.

    BTW was that voodoo guy in the trailer called the "Voodoo Laddy"? Maybe I just heard it wrong and they said Voodoo Daddy or something. XD
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