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ToMI Problems Chpt. 2-4

posted by Pheonick on - Viewed by 109 users
Hi, I'm having trouble with the game crashing immediately after I try to start a new game in chapter 2. I have tried re-downloading and most recently it has crashed after attempting to launch the game. Each crash results in a black screen without sound and unresponsive to controls, additionally the monitor does not go to standby.
Chapter 1 had caused no problems throughout and chapter 3 & 4 aren't reaching installation saying there was a problem with the setup file, but have not tried re-downloading them yet. Chapter 5 seems to function fine, at least on startup and new game creation.
I ran the directx check during installations and am using WinXP.

P.S. The first chapter required an account login but chapter 2 & 5 did not, I assumed it only need be done once but thought I should add in case it is abnormal.

Edit: Problem has gone, seemed that downloading through firefox rather than chrome was the key.
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