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What do you look like? (Post a Pic!)

posted by Ashton on - last edited - Viewed by 56.7K users
I was just posting to one of these on another forum and decided to post on here too when I was stunned to find there is not a thread on here for it! (and I searched! I searched through of 17 pages of results!)

So, very simple 1-5 pics of yourself per post, no double-posting pics (though if you want to post more you can at a later point. Please no photoshopping (except red-eye removal or brightness/contrast)

I'll go first


click for full-size view!

Ok, who's th next victem? I mean volunteer! ;)
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  • I like random guy.
  • Random Guy: Hi mom!
    Dad: Derrrgghhh!
    Mum: Hold on to your hats folks!
    Marsden: I have this race in the bag! hehehe...
    Marsden's Sister: Waaaagghhh!!
    Marsden's Sister's Boyfriend: Bitchin' Ride awww yeaaahh..

    EDIT: Sorry! Couldn't resist playing captions! XD
  • Secret Fawful;802799 said:
    You look strangely like my cousin.
  • Darth Marsden;807769 said:

    ...and that's why I don't drive.

    (In order: Random guy, my Dad, my Mum, me, my sister and her boyfriend)
    The last time I was in Disney world, I managed to de-rail one of the Indy speedway cars. I had to sit and stew whilst one of the Disney Policemen came to rescue me.
  • Welcome to murica, marsden
  • Giant Tope;808304 said:
    Welcome to murica, marsden
    "What do you mean, this isn't the driver's seat???"
  • This was me last night on the London Eye. It was taken just as the houses of parliament decided that I could get married, Which was frankly awesome. I didn't know it at the time, until I went back and checked the date/time stamp on the file.


    My friend decided to photobomb. He also pointed out that I look like Basil Fawlty. My hair does not cope with heat!
  • Be warned: I am now armed.
    image image

    ...and apparently rather dangerous. Not bad at all for my first go with an automatic rifle.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Of all the things you had to bring back from the USA...
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