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Monkey Island Caption Contest #4: Eviler than Thou

posted by apenpaap on - last edited - Viewed by 2.6K users
Welcome to the fourth Monkey Island Caption Contest. On to last week's winners:
Thriftweed Fancy Pants;253254 said:
Caption: Judging from the awkward silence, Guybrush decided his attempt to spice up the love life had fallen flat again.
skitty85;253231 said:
All winners get:
A set of Shats! Useful for... um... Well, surely for something!

The Hall of Fame:
Hall of Fame:
puzzlebox x2
hplikelike x1
SilverWolfPet x1
Thriftweed Fancy Pants x1
skitty85 x1

PM me if you have a good picture for the next contest. May be fanart too, as long as it's your own.
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  • apenpaap;254071 said:

    Ozzie: Left foot blue, mate.
    LeChuck: Arrg! This game be the worst!
    Guybrush: Teehee.

    (Is Guybrush hinting that he doesn't like EfMI? Find out in the next installment of... CAPTION CONTEST!)

    Voodoo Lady: Hallo de Singe, dey voodoo powahs ah telling me dat dere is a Twistah game going on upstaihs... (NOTE: The voodoo lady may be speaking in a Schwarzenegger voice....)
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    its suppost to be a rabbit out of your hat! we will never win the tallent show with mistakes like this


    ohh desinge its lucky you found such a great fashion consultant
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    LeChuck: Gimme all yer lunch money!
    Guybrush: I haven't got any.
    Ozzie: We're not in middle school anymore, boys.

    Don't you just love what I've done with my hair?
  • apenpaap;254071 said:
    Guybrush: Ok, put me down so I can fix my wedgie, or fix it yourself!
    Voodoo Lady/Guybrush: Lay off the baked beans Desinge! I could hear you farting a mile away!
    Desinge: Damn, I hope Threepwood's hand can fix my flatulance problem too.
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    DeSinge, what are you doing here?
    . . . . Nice cans.
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    Guybrush: Help! Police!
    LeChuck: Ha ha ha! Scream as loud as you want. I'm the governor now! There are no police on Melee Island!
    Guybrush: Then who eats the donuts and roughs-up the transients?
    Ozzie: I roughs-up what needs roughing-up on this island!


    DeSinge: I heard from Threepwood that you do fashion consulting?
    Voodoo Lady: Hmm, that awful white make up will never do. You're more of a 'summer'. And lose the wig.
    DeSinge: But without ze wig, I am, how you say, bald.
    Voodoo Lady: Bald would be a better look for you than that wig.
    DeSinge: Ha ha! This is the sound of my laughter, because I am not believing it! Good day!
  • apenpaap;254071 said:
    Regrettably, the Voodoo Lady was the only Avon representative for miles, and DeSinge was nearly out of rouge.
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