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map discount codes: changed value?

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Hi, I recently finished playing ToMI and I was looking for something else to play, thought I might give the Wallace and Grommit games a go, when I remembered that I had a coupon code for 50% off from the Treasure Hunts... or so I thought. When I looked today, it seemed I only had a coupon for $1 off and a code for 5% (not 50%) off a single total order. I played with the tiki on the site and unlocked the rest of the map codes and the rest of the coupons seem to be in the same vein. Did Telltale change the values of the coupons? While I'm sure it's their right to do so, it just seems like a bit of a bait and switch for those of us who -thought- we had a better deal available. I was also under the impression that the coupon codes did not expire.

Somewhat related, is it possible to apply more than one coupon to the same order?
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  • Yeah, the coupons were only good until the end of December. Yes you can apply more than one coupon to an order.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    There's some more information about the coupons in this and this thread.
  • Hm. Well, I guess being able to stack coupons is better than nothing. Thanks for the help. Wish I'd known that about the coupons expiring, but oh well :/
  • Sorry, it's difficult to let everyone know about the coupon expiration. We did our best and had a front page countdown, email newsletters and all sorts of things but clearly that didn't reach everyone. Keep an eye out for new deals around our store!
  • Well. I just tried to apply more than one coupon to an order and it wouldn't let me. It -would- let me apply two different $1.00 coupons to a single order but it looked like it still only took off $1.00, not $2.00 :/
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Actually, I'm pretty sure that Telltale coupons can't be stacked.
    When they have special sales (25% off, one season for $19.99,...), only the coupon worth more will be applied (if they have a 25% off sale and you have a coupon for 50% off a season, the 50% coupon will be applied to the REGULAR price; if you have a coupon for 10% off, the 25% will apply but not the 10%).
    The only time I remember two promotions being allowed together is when free shipping is involved (I recently bought the two seasons of Sam & Max and the season of Strong Bad for my brother who lives in Belgium and was able to use my 50% off coupon AND get free shipping).
  • I'm pretty sure the amounts on the coupons changed days before the change of the year.
  • I'm definitely sure they did.
  • So am I. I was checking on those at the end of the year, while trying to figure out the best way to get both seasons of Sam and Max. I ended up using the free episode coupon from buying Tales and the free Sam and Max 201 episode on the site with the season upgrade option and the 25% off and free shipping offers. I ended up getting both seasons for the price of one. So yeah, you can definitely stack Telltale offers, if you're creative about it. In the same order, though, not so much.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Indrid Cold;254688 said:
    I'm pretty sure the amounts on the coupons changed days before the change of the year.
    Yes and no. At some time you got new, additional, coupons in the Treasure hunt. I think many were confused because they did not see the old ones at the prize page anymore, although they were still valid.
    Those who wrote down their codes instead of relying on them being available on the page forever were able to use them.
    You might also have noticed that the new ones are still valid.
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