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Is it possible to install Bone on a computer without an internet connection?

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Here's the deal :
I live in an apartment without an internet connection.
However, my parents live only 3 km away and they have an internet connection they let me use as much as I want.
I go there almost every day to post on forums and download patches and stuff like that, and I downloaded the Bone demo. I absolutely love it!
But before I buy it I need to know if it's possible for me to buy it here, burn it on a CD and install it on my own PC that does not have an internet connection.
Is there any way to do this? I don't feel like dragging my computer over here to install the game.
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    Sorry to bump this post, but anyone..?

    I mean, someone must know this, a yes or no will do :)
  • I think it might be possible with the manual registration method that they use when people have problems with the automatic one. I don't know for sure though. Try emailing and ask them!
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