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First Monkey Island and Favorite Monkey Island

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Well, someone was curious about this and I'm just the sort of idiot who would take the amount of time necessary to make such a long poll, so here goes. Which Monkey Island game introduced you to the series, and which game do you consider your favorite?

Other than Curse being my first, I played the rest of the series in order. I had a hard time choosing between Curse and Tales, but Curse won. Sentimental favoritism is hard to overcome, I guess, but that's the whole point of this thread, isn't it?
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  • LeChucks Revenge - Curse of Monkey Island.

    For the exact chronology:
    LeChucks Revenge, Curse of Monkey Island, Escape from Monkey Island, Secret of Monkey Island, Tales of Monkey Island.
  • My chronology is: Curse, Escape, Secret, Revenge, Tales Episodes 1,2 & 3, SoMI: Special Edition, Tales Episodes 4 & 5.
  • My chronology is: secret, revenge, curse, escape, tales ^^ Revenge is my favorite.
    haven't played the SE. maybe i'll try it if the remake of Revenge comes out.
  • I played them all as they came out, and my favourite is LeChuck's Revenge (which happened to be one of my first ever legally bought games - hey, I was constantly broke and could barely afford empty disks for my Amiga once a week).
  • I played them all in order of release. I either haunted the computer store as release date approached, or pre-ordered when announced.

    CMI was my favorite. How can you not love a game that has both Murray and El Pollo Diablo?

  • Hmm.... OK, for me it has to be the demo of "Curse of Monkey Island", released on a best-of-various-different-genres computer game disc on the cover of a magazine several years after the full game was released..... then SOMI many years later, if you dont count demos.... but dammit if neither's an option!

    I can't decide which game I like the best, though. Can I opt for "Sam and Max Hit the Road" instead? :D
  • I actually started with Escape, since it was the most recent game at the time and therfore the easiest to obtain. Then I played Secret, Revenge, Curse and Tales.
  • LowMoralFiber;255790 said:
    I actually started with Escape, since it was the most recent game at the time and therfore the easiest to obtain. Then I played Secret, Revenge, Curse and Tales.
    Wait. You played EfMI and thought, "Hey, I should get the other ones!"? Lucky you.
  • I think I first played Secret way back in 1992 when I was a little wee girl. (well, 11) And I'd also have to say that Secret remains my favourite, if only because I played it on my Amiga 600 during my summer holidays from school for about six years running, so I have a huge amount of nostalgic fondness for it.

    Now, if I absolutely had to rank up the rest of the games, (I'd really rather not as I love them all... except Escape, which I would rather just be friends with) here's how I'd do it:

    Revenge (controversial placing I know)
    (this space reserved)
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    (this space reserved)

    Please note that this is not intended as a slight on Revenge at all, it's a fantastic game even when you're playing it on an Amiga 600 with TWELVE DISKS. (laying the foundation for repetetive strain injuries later in life) I just happen to like Curse and Tales better, and I think a large part of that I would credit to Dominic Armato's voice acting, because for me he really brings Guybrush to life.

    And another reason? Well... I was absolutely terrified of Zombie Pirate LeChuck, when the game first came out he gave me nightmares and I couldn't even watch the cutscenes he was in. (in my defence, I was 11) I only managed to complete Revenge twice when I was a kid, and that was only accomplished by playing the game with a friend and covering my eyes from the moment Guybrush falls into the tunnels under Dinky until LeChuck is zapped by the voodoo doll. I'd still play Revenge by myself, but I'd switch it off once Guybrush was dropped into the pit on Dinky. The worst part is that I'm 100% not making this up, I really was THAT scared of Zombie LeChuck. I'm over it these days of course, though I suppose that could always change if they release a special edition for Revenge...
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