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Sam and Max is locking most of the times

posted by viniciusccarvalho on - last edited - Viewed by 496 users
Hello there! I've just bough Sam and Max (great game by the way) one problem: It locks almost every time I run it. It throws a nasty windows error, and after keep trying many times I'm able to run it. Also it never starts when I'm never connected to the internet (why is that?)


Toshiba Satellite A75 P4 HT 3.33 1Gb RAM Radeon 9200 mobile (128 mb RAM) DirectX 9c
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    Can you tell us what the error message says?

    The game needs an internet connection to activate the first time. Once it's activated, you shouldn't need to be connected to the internet anymore. (If being connected to the internet is a problem, we can send you an activation key that will allow you to activate the game without an internet connection - just click Activation Support and follow the instructions.)
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