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Hit The Road/Mac OSX question..

posted by highfructose on - last edited - Viewed by 720 users
Seeing as how this appears to be the most active Sam&Max forum online these days, I figure it's worth a shot to ask this random question here. And yes, I know telltale != lucasarts, but I figure fans are fans :D

I'm looking to pick up Sam & Max hit the road to play again. I played it years ago on an old Mac, and the Mac versions go for cheaper on eBay, so I figure I'll look for it to play on my new(er) Mac. My question is about compatibility: The game is PPC native, which is what my current mac is, so no worries about Intel/PPC issues. But I'll definitely have to play it under Mac Classic mode since it's certainly not OSX native. Anyone know how well it runs under this condition?

Unfortunately I won't be able to rely on SCUMMVM, but I'm curious how well this runs under Classic on a modern/OSX Mac. I've tried replaying some other games from my youth (At The Carnival, 3 In Three) that don't do to well under Classic. I know the intersect of "Mac OSX Users" and "Owners of S&M Hit The Road for Mac" is probably very slim, but figured it was worth a shot to ask. Has anyone done this?
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