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"fill out our online questionnaire"....

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RE the new email, with its bizarrely conventional invitational to give our "views"...

Particularly our "views" on what exact phrases should best sum up the forthcoming S+M season...

Does anyone else find this as profoundly disturbing as I do? I'm a little drunk, admittedly*, but why the arse are we being asked our opinion of what exact phrases would be most compelling to part with our pennies? I mean...

Well, I'm quite lost for words here. Am I overreacting? To the temeritous point, is it tolerable for Telltale to be trebucheting trite telemarketing towards our teased and taunted tremultuations?

I say no. Twice and thrice no! Not right at all. Fire the consultants. With fire. Max would and should be dismayed, and (at last, appropriately) violently vengeful.

Or possibly that was a glorious parody designed specifically for arses like me to get all riled up. Please let that be so... Pleasey please....

*Actually, I'm an absurdly tall drunk, but still, I think my point stands, like me - precariously yet peculiarly proudly...
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  • Um, i think you're gonna have to re-write that when you're a bit more sober. I don't mind letting Telltale pick my brains, so i'll fill in as many questionnaires as they want. In fact i hope i'm the only one filling out these questionnaires, because then i can pretend im getting custom made games just for me.
  • It's just a marketing survey...

    Also, I don't think Max is the best character on which to base your opinion on what should and shouldn't be flamethrowered.
  • It seemed like a reasonable request on their part. If you want to draw more monkies to the tree, you've got to have ripe fruit. (aka certain phreases or wording things liek this instead of theat is bound to draw more, new, & renewed interest).

    It's like reading the movie descriptions on Comcast movies; if they don;t sound energetic & interestig, you're not motivated to watch the movie you just read about.

    I can't help but being nosily interested in what others put on their servays when answering about favorite books, movies, TV series, & bands, be it looking for commen interests to become interested in myself, or an excuse to play "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon."
  • Shwoo wrote: »
    It's just a marketing survey...

    Also, I don't think Max is the best character on which to base your opinion on what should and shouldn't be flamethrowered.

  • I completely lost interest in the survey when they suddenly started asking if this and that phrase would make me more or less interested, or if it would be unchanged, and what my favourite tv shows are, what my hair color is and if I wear glasses, what strength are they. Okay, the last two didn't happen (at least to my knowledge, I gave up before I got to the end).

    Seriously, this was a confusing, horribly phrased, and badly thought through survey. Not even 15% discount coupon is worth that. They're supposed to be relatively short, at least seem slightly relevant, stick to the point, and be able to hold the focus and interest of the survey taker throughout. 21 questions before I quit, and I found maybe one or two reasonable questions. Sorry, I'm not taking that survey. It annoyed me to no end and really tested my patience.

    That said, I did take advantage of your S&M Season 1 offer though - can't get much cheaper than that. I already had the game on disc, and I already completed it once. But it looks nicer on My Games list, here on Telltale.
  • I thought the survey was pretty good, but I admit those slogans were all really similar. And one of them described it like it wasn't an adventure game? Made it sound like some crazy platformer.

    And Max already had psychic powers in Bright Side of the Moon!

    It was kinda silly, but I suppose they want to make their descriptions sound better on steam and stuff. Personally I thought the shortest one was the best, none of them seemed to be preaching at the adventure game audience. If I knew nothing of Sam and Max, I would think it was just another mario clone.

    And StarEye, I know where you're coming from. I made a bunch of accounts so I could use multiple 50% off coupons (so I could Sam and Max plus Strongbad) (Should have just got sam and max) and now my *lists* are a jumbled mess.
  • Fury wrote: »
    And Max already had psychic powers in Bright Side of the Moon!
    No he didn't, that was Sam. I can understand why; I wouldn't trust Max with the power to make people vomit either.

    Or did he use those powers? I don't remember anymore, but I don't think he did.
  • You're complaining that a survey had too many questions? That's ... that's what a survey is. And no one forced you to take it. I mean that literally; there really is no reason to take it if you don't want to. Yes you'll get a 15% off code somewhere down the line, but if you didn't want to answer a bunch of marketing questions from a game company, don't ... take their survey full of marketing questions.

    This is a weird conversation.
  • I chose "Epic Comedy Saga" or something close to that. What did you guys choose?
  • Ok I take it all back. Mostly. What StarEye said.

    I don't object at all to TellTale asking about me. They can have a good rummage around in my very soul if they like, if it'll help them keep being wonderful. And yes it is reasonable, I suppose, that the survey asks people what would grab them, if they weren't already grabbed, though that would be much better targeted to new users rather than, um, me. As long as its just about marketing, then it's all fine. Badly worded, but fine.

    What alarmed me was the thought of Telltale asking me what I want. I want Telltale to give me what I didn't know I wanted; to tell me tales, rather than ask me how I want a tale to end. It's one of its strengths I think. (I didn't really like Strong Bad, but I love that it exists.) As Telltale grows it could easily become a place that churns out endless substandard games based on popular franchises, like so many others. That may well be the most profitable option. And it would be awful.

    I'm overreacting, I know. There's no indication that that's going to happen. But the most important bit of feedback I wanted to give in the questionnaire was "keep the consultants away from the games, at all costs". But there wasn't a question for that.
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