"fill out our online questionnaire"....



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    I've had some problems with e-mail lately (old email address - broken, recently made a new email address).

    So can I just clarify that this is the questionnaire that we're all talking about?

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    GinnyN wrote: »
    Ok thanks. :)
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    Lena_P wrote: »
    Oh. Forget that then. I only wanted younger siblings, not older. I've gotta be the eldest or forget it.

    Well, just because they're older than me doesn't mean they're older than you. If you're older than me that is. I have no clue how old you are.
    But I just realised I had misplaced the receipt anyways, so you're right, let's forget it.
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    So, yes...
    TellTale are taking on a lot of commercial franchises - mostly successfully I think. All good. But the popular choosing of S+M marketing phrases was still pretty daft I think...
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