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Coupons, and Sam & Max sale

posted by Rembrandt Q. Einstein on - last edited - Viewed by 235 users
I'm wondering if the current sale of Sam and Max for 4.95 will also make me elligible to recieve the DVD disc?

Ideally I want to get both discs for season 1 and 2 sent to me along with Tales when that DVD is released, as the shipping charge will be quite a bit so I'd like to make the most of it.

Besides that I'd like to know if the 15% off coupon from the survey will stack with my coupon from pre-ordering Tales, and if there is an expiry date on the survey coupon?
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  • I too would like to know if the free DVD/CD is included in the $5 deal, for reasons explained in my other new post (I already have the season but I lost my first disk :( )
  • About the disc, if we go to the S&M page here,, there is an option "Already bought the season, and now you want the bonus disc? Click here!", which takes us here,

    Where we can fill in our order number and apparently get the disc if we own the full season, perhaps though the sale price "edition" won't be elligible. We'll have to wait for Telltale to clarify I think.
  • Totally Agree, indeed I did try that, but my order num no longer works as I've redeemed my code for a disk once before...

    The problem is I've lost my origional Season1 disk, and my shelf looks bare without it! I'm after a replacement and trying to discover if I can just buy another eason 1 under the offer price and get a free disk and get a replacement that way....

    Dont really wanna pay $30 when I already own the season!

    I dont think the sale edition is eligable for a free dsik tho, if you add the standard version and the sale edition to your cart there clearly different products!! :( sad face...

    But yea, your right, we'll wait for TTG to wake up (3 hrs away), get coffeed up (30mins), deal with the other dufff sale edition problem there having (2 hrs), and hit them up for some answers!! :)
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