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Can I play the game on a computer with no internet access?

posted by spookypeanut on - last edited - Viewed by 817 users

At work I have the internet (or at least access to it), and it is good. But I use linux, and so cannot play Sam & Max on it (plus the fact that I'm supposed to be, y'know, working).

At home I have no internet access. Which is bad.

My question is can I play sam & max on a machine that has no internet access? I notice that with the demo it has one of those annoying small apps that you download, which then downloads everything else when you actually install the game, so I can't play the demo at home (I hi-jacked a windows machine at work to play that).

Does my question make sense? Does anyone know the answer to it?
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  • Yes, you can. From our activation FAQ:
    Q: Do I need an internet connection to play your games?

    A: An internet connection is needed to download our games, as well as to activate them. This includes activation of the CD versions of our Bone games.

    If you don't have an internet connection, the CD versions of the Bone games can be activated manually. To do this, click on Activation Support at the bottom of the first game screen. This will provide you with your computer's hardware fingerprint code. Send this code to our support team, along with your order number or some other information that will help us identify you (such as your first and last name, or the email address you used to place the order), and we will send back an activation key that allows you to activate the game manually.
    The file you want to move over to your other computer is not the small "Download Sam & Max Now" file, but the bigger setup file that downloads when you run the small file. (First, uncheck the box that says to install immediately after downloading, and move the download location to somewhere that will be easy for you to find, such as the desktop.) You can also download this setup file directly from a number of mirror sites, such as 3D Downloads. Once you install that file on your home PC, click Activation Support, send us the hardware fingerprint, and we'll send back an activation key.
  • Oh no! I've done the thing that most narks me! Posted a question without reading the relevant FAQ! Very sorry Emily, glad to hear I'll be able to play S&M :)

    As an unrelated point, when I view these forums on firefox (v2) under linux, I don't get the log-in box at the top, and so can't post. Luckily I have the option to use internet explorer under wine, so I'm doing that. Any other linux-ites having this issue, or is it just me? I tried disabling ad-block, in case it was that...
  • hey that's not funny! that's was my linux post! i had exactly the same problem, but i ended up risking my nice clean windows pc and plugging a wireless usb adapter to register my games.

    but speaking of which, and this should be another post . . . but for those of us who eventually chose to get the complete S&M on CD, will the CD come with a serial number like the Bone games?
  • My hee was in reference to this:
    Oh no! I've done the thing that most narks me! Posted a question without reading the relevant FAQ!

    We haven't quite decided how the CDs will work, but I think they'll probably be like the Bone ones, with serial numbers.
  • yeah sure! :p

    after doing some searching, there is a beta of the v9 flash plugin for linux. i haven't tried it yet, but it may fix this problem. i may post the outcome when i get a chance to test it!
  • quick reply . . . i've found a workaround for logging in for those of us who are having issues on linux. fix is on the other post (
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