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News (sort of) for Shenmue fans

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Listen up both of you for Sega's been blabbing a bit
CVG said:
Sega, realising that it hasn't played with our hearts much recently, has issued more cruel teases on the future of the Shenmue franchise.

Speaking in the latest issue of Famitsu 360 (via PS3 Center), the Japanese publisher is quoted as saying that Shenmue is a series it "still thinks a lot about doing" - however sales are a factor.

"Neither of the previous games sold well, so Sega is hesitant about returning to the franchise," the translation supposedly says. "They reassure fans, though, that if there is an opportunity to revisit the franchise, they would love to do it."

Sega also reportedly states that it'd consider developing the third Shenmue if a platform holder were to fund its development, in exchange for exclusivity.

Sony, Microsoft; make our dreams come true.

Personally I reckon Shenmue was hella' overrated but it done what it did first, maybe a new Shenmue would be a good thing. But if I see one forklift...
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