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ToMI screen resolution

posted by Jambuttee on - last edited - Viewed by 202 users
I am sure this is covered elsewhere, there seem to be lots of similar threads, but I can find no answer. ToMI loads very slowly and changes my screen res from 1680x1050 to a much slower res, with jerky cursor, larger images etc. When I start task manager I find the much lower res, and when I close the game my PC reverts back to its original res. I have attached a zip dxdiag file.
I have downloaded also 'Driver Detective' for about $40, run it and updated all my drivers, but still no solution.:mad:
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Description: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
    Date and Size: 6/22/2007 19:34:12, 1788056 bytes

    Looks like Driver Detective missed your Audio Driver. Here's the latest Realtek HDA Driver.

    The Acer Aspire L3600 you have was not designed with gaming in mind, especially when it comes to graphics. That's why you get low performance in the game.

    Here's something you can try though to see if it is at least playable with the lowest settings:
    Start the game. Press Alt-Enter to get into windowed mode. See if it's easier to navigate the menu, otherwise switch back.
    Select "Settings". Click the red arrows until you see "graphics settings".
    Set "quality" to 1 and select the lowest resolution available. If you can run the game properly that way you can try increasing the resolution.
  • Thanks so much. Game now works fine on Quality 1. Why isn't it prepared in this quality in the first place. Seems many others are having the same problem.
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