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Monkey island won only 1 Nintendo Power Award(maybe)

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I just got the March issue of Nintendo power, and morgan leflay won best new character, maybe. Nintendo power has made a mistake, because they have said that Kingdom hearts won every award including this one. So Nintendo power has screwed up somewhere. I really hope it was a screw up with xion and monkey island won because they won NO other rewards.
EDIT: after rereading the mag, not only did nintendo screw that up, they also said that new super mario bros wii won best game of the year, and yet again, the page detailiing the percents and crap, state kingdom hearts won there too. Nintendo power really screwed up here.
EDIT:2 It shows that kingdom hearts won only 2 out of the 7 it was nominated for and it says they won them all, yeah Nintendo power must really double check their work.
EDIT3: Kingdom hearts isnt the only place they screwed up in for the looks of it, am I missing something here.
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  • I'm hardly surprised. Nintendo Power has gone way down in quality ever since Future US took it over. Not just the magazine itself, either. After the takeover, subscription bonuses went to crap, Nintendo stopped publishing its own guides (since that was handled by the magazine), and Camp Hyrule was discontinued (since that was staffed by the magazine staff). All because a company decided it wanted to publish all three official gaming magazines and Nintendo gave in. And the only thing we've gotten in return (other than screwed)? One extra magazine a year. Big whoop.
  • People still care about Nintendo Power? Seriously remember the good old days of Nintendo Power, when it was actually cool and fun to read. Yeah, that's been a long time ago.
  • I still enjoy it. Just not as much.
  • Secret Fawful;259907 said:
    People still care about Nintendo Power? Seriously remember the good old days of Nintendo Power, when it was actually cool and fun to read. Yeah, that's been a long time ago.
    Most likely true, but i just recently subscribbed so the changes were already made, so I woulden't know.;) Plus im just in it to actually learn what is going on in the world of Nintendo without a laptop with me.
  • I knew Morgan would be the only MI-related nominee to win any of those awards. :I

    Kingdom Hearts is so overrated too.
  • Nintendo Power hasn't really mattered since the internet came into being.

    I used to read it a lot in the late 90's before I even considered that I could get gaming news over the internet, but it's utterly superfluous now!
  • Adventure games don't win awards.
  • PecanBlue;259925 said:
    Kingdom Hearts is so overrated too.
    Maybe, maybe not. It could be that I don't feel that way as a means of justifying what I had to go through to play the games. To play Kingdom Hearts, I had to borrow one friend's PS2, another's memory card, and another's game. To play the second one, I had to keep the same friend's memory card for a year. I got to play a bit using one game and PS2 in December, a little bit more using another game and PS2 in June, and then that December, I got to borrow my cousin's PS2 and another friend's game and had to beat it before my cousin got back from Japan. So maybe I'm inclined to look upon the series more favorably to justify all that.

    On the other hand, earlier this week, I came into the means to play the series again, and I've already spent 28 hours playing the second game, without pressure to finish quickly this time. Take that to mean whatever you want, I guess.

    Either way, I liked the DS game, but it didn't deserve to sweep the awards.
  • I didn't say that it was a bad game, but it is pretty overrated. People like to glorify the game more than it deserves because they like the pretty graphics and story when the gameplay itself is nothing special (repetitive combat in both console games that I played, second game with more button mashing) and the levels are so linear and often small and unlively. I just don't think it deserves so much praise nor I do think it's better than more than half the games on that list.
  • PariahKing;259937 said:
    Adventure games don't win awards.
    They win them in the adventure category... sometimes.
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