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the game will not download the key needed to play

posted by Irish_Browncoat on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
hi i just downloaded the new sam and max game and when i try to run it
i get this error message.
i am connected to the net and firewall is off and i have no proxie server.

"The program you are attempting to license cannot detect a connection
to the Internet. Please verify that you are able to connect to the
Internet and try again.

Note: Some firewalls and proxies may be configured to deny access to
programs other than your browser. Please adjust your settings if
possible or contact us at for alternate
methods of licensing your program.

Explanation: The program has run into a temporary error. Please wait a
few minutes before restarting this application; when you restart it,
it will try to retrieve your key again. If you continue to get this
error after several attempts, please contact customer service via
email at [email][/email]. This program will revert to
trial mode (if it has one) until your key is successfully installed"

i have sent a email to support over 7hours ago. not too sure how long it normaly takes.
just wanting to know is there any way i can get my key bar having to download it?
just realy want to start to play the game.
i have given support peeps my order number and hardware finger print etc
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