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Most underrated line in the MI series?

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I have a few. Most of mine are from Tales, which I've been re-playing.

- Murray (from Curse): "I'm bored out of my skull - figuratively speaking, of course."

- DeCava on the Voodoo Lady: "Mi dio! That two-timing, sooth-saying strumpet!" Later: "I'm gone for two seconds and she's making time with a pre-pubescent picaroon!" If you try to approach him without Morgan: "Get away from me! You don't sail another man's ship simply because it's laying in the harbour!"

- Morgan to DeSinge: "What part of 'non' do you not comprandes?"

- Elaine to Guybrush (Tales opening): "Oh would you run him through so we could all get out of here and go home?" LeChuck: "As you wish, my dear."

- Elaine and Bosun Krebbs upon seeing human LeChuck for the first time: "Woof."

- Guybrush (from Escape): "Sometimes it feels like my life is an unending series of puzzles."

Oh, and I really liked "What the what?" from chapter four of Tales.

I'm sure there's dozens more. I've been re-playing Tales and picking up all sorts of jokes I missed first time round. Can you suggest any?
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