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Which supporting character(s) would you like to come back after Tales?

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Guybrush has had many supporting characters throughout the MI series. Of course Elaine, LeChuck, Stan and the Voodoo Lady always appear in every MI game so they're a given.

Which supporting characters would you like to see in the next MI game(s) (after ToMI,) and why?

You don't have to say Largo LeGrande or Murray because everyone knows they're both awesome. Nor do you have to say Morgan because the cliffhanger at the end of Ch5 involves her anyway.

Just maybe talk about which supporting characters were your favorite, and what you might see them doing if they came back... hopefully our ideas will be better than what they actually did to Murray and Herman in EMI.

[I know there probably is a similar thread like this on the forums, but because of possible Necromancy issues (replying to dead topics), and since RoTPG was released since then, I decided to open a new topic about it.]
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