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Two bugs to report

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The first is at Grandma's dinner table -- just as Fone reached for his glass, I selected the "Yawn..." dialog option. Fone went through the proper yawning animation, but the cup also moved as though Fone were picking it up.

Also, in the following minigame (run away from the rat-creatures), the game started to become surprisingly jerky. If I moved my mouse to the top quarter of the screen or so, it became visible. Also, at times, I would be unable to control my character properly; it seemed to happen mostly when I was off to the far right of the running area, though it may also happen on the right. (Perhaps there's an invisible barrier to my moving any farther to the right, when it doesn't look as though there should be?) It would occasionally become impossible to jump when I was having either of the above two problems.
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    I'm having the same problem. Sometimes the game minimized during the chase scene and I had to click on the taskbar button to open it up. When I moved the mouse the Windows mouse cursor appeared. One time the game screen moved a little to right and the desktop wallpaper showed up. It's a good thing that we have the option to skip the chase because it was getting frustrating.
  • Are you sure you are playing the newest version? This is supposed to be fixed in the 1.5.1 version. (The issue with the gamewindow minimizing in the chase minigames)

    If not, I'd recommend downloading and installing the newest version.
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    I downloaded the latest version and I tried the chase scene again. I did okay, but the game did minimize. I opened it up and I beat the chase.
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