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Playing Console Games on PC

posted by Chyron8472 on - last edited - Viewed by 266 users
Hey all,

I have a PS2 and a GameCube with various games, and I want to be able to play them using my laptop monitor with zero lag while I'm out of town. I don't care about recording the video, just playing console games with the actual console using my laptop screen instead of a TV.

So there we have it. My requirements are:

1) Using only a computer's screen for video.
2) Using my real consoles, not an emulator.
3) Zero lag from game controller inputs.

I also prefer if the device I would use is USB, but that may be negotiable.

I've Googled about it and have read either about the Dazzle or GameBridge, however some people say they lag, some people say they don't. Yet, I can't seem to find either at a local retailer to test for myself and return if it doesn't work out. Best Buy really should sell that kind of thing here locally.

Any of you have ideas/experience with this?
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  • A laptop monitor? Hm. That might be hard. Video in on a laptop is kind of, um, uncommon. It generally goes the other way around.

    Still, what ports do you have on the laptop itself?

    Also, my experience with's return policies have been extremely good. You should try checking reviews of the online retailers you're checking, to see if they have a history of refusing returns.

    Why in the world are you lugging around consoles, anyway?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Chyron8472;264372 said:
    Zero lag from game controller inputs.
    That's pretty much impossible. Such a device has to encode the video in realtime, send it to you, your reaction gets send back to the device and then it start's all over again. There's will always be a delay due to video encoding and network transfer.
    The question is how much delay is acceptable, which also highly depends on what kind of games you play. This product speaks of 60ms in a local network. For remote access it depends on your internet connection at home and wherever you are in that moment.

    I think the only solution for you is really to test it yourself.
  • Rather Dashing;264381 said:

    Why in the world are you lugging around consoles, anyway?
    Because my ps2 slim is tiny and I have about 20 games for it.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I just realized that I misunderstood your requirements a bit. I thought you wanted to leave the consoles at home and play remotely.
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