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Heavy Rain!

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(I was going to make this thread once I finished my Heavy Rain commentary for youtube, but that would take a while. In the meantime...)

So, who's played/bought this game yet? For those who haven't tried it, it's a murder mystery type game, with really weird controls (but they grow on you). It's for PS3.
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  • I love that game, so much. I have to pick it from Wal mart thursday.
  • Looks awesome. Peter Bogdanovich being director grabbed my attention. I must say that I'm interested in seeing what he'd do based on his experiences with The Sopranos. I love the way that show creates it's characters around psychology. It makes it a lot of more credible and realistic that way :D

    Won't be getting it though. 360, that's how I roll :rolleyes:
  • I might just pick this up at somepoint, although i have a couple of queries. How long is it? And how simple is it to play (my mum might enjoy it, but she gets confused by most control schemes)
  • Definitely picking this one up
  • I bought it today. I played from 7 pm to midnight, straight. It appears that I’m not that far in the game.
    What I can say is I love it. I saw it molested almost everywhere. In fact, it’s just a dividing game. It divides people who play only to win, and people who play also for pleasure. Because yes, there is no challenge for the player in this game. Like in TGC’s Flower, for example. Sure. But there is a story, an atmosphere, you’re investigating, you’re living, you can do a lot of things, and also a lot of useless things. I read a lot of people complaining or mocking of some things… like the people walking… oh my god, people walking at home, I’ve never seen that before, why can’t I run ? Oh my god, I can’t flip myself in a quarter of a second, I’m compelled to move my body, that’s so disappointing. Oh my god, I can drink orange juice and that’s useless. Oh my god, there is a tutorial and it’s easy.

    The game is all about how do you think you should act. Should I, should I not, which way, quickly, slowly, aggressive, calmly… you have the choice. To do the best. Or not doing anything.

    To be honest, I don’t care about challenge. I’m not the kind of people who look at high scores, who collect trophies to show them proudly to other virtual trophies hunters, I mainly play for pleasure. For stories, or beautiful things, to live something.

    For sure, this time, you’re not in the army, trained to kill, born to run, compelled to wear green cloth. You won’t have much the pleasure to kill bots or kill your friends by the Internet. To hide from "old times bad times" german soldiers, and heal war wounds.
    But well… the job is well done. You’re oscillating between nightmares, trauma, reality, futuristic investigation, old fashion investigation, fat charismatic guy, shaking young FBI agent, puzzled man, quite good looking woman, that’s the deal. You’re walking.

    Yeah. You’re walking. Under a heavy rain.
  • Comes out in Australia tomorrow, and as soon as I'm off from Uni, I'm buying it! =]
  • I had a long dream last night about figuring out how to acquire / rent a PS3 so I could play this. :(
  • Emily;264617 said:
    I had a long dream last night about figuring out how to acquire / rent a PS3 so I could play this. :(
    I'd no dream, but i'm def borrowing a friends PS3 ASAP
  • the game kinda looks like shenmue but with a cop
  • Emily;264617 said:
    I had a long dream last night about figuring out how to acquire / rent a PS3 so I could play this. :(
    Seconded. I didn't dream, but it's certainly been on my mind. I haven't wanted a game this badly since Dead Rising. (And how wonderful it was when I finally bought a 360 and a copy of said game.)

    It's getting harder and harder to not seek a playthrough vid online.
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