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Tales of Monkey Island vs Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

posted by alkapel on - last edited - Viewed by 764 users
Which game do you think is better??
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  • Don't have much doubt, Tales.

    While GPOVI is enjoyable, it has some serious problems in telling a story. TOMI had some, but compared to Ghosts, it was as clear as crystal.

    Character wise, the minor characters in TOMI had more of a personality, while in GOPVI quite a few of the secondary ones are just defined by their roles, nothing beyond the, well, let's say, character type tag.

    And the humour was nicer. ;)
  • I beleive that Tales of Monkey Island is much better than Ghost Pirates!

    Humor, plot, dialogs, animation, atmosphere, puzzles, music, and voice acting in Tales is better!

    Only the backgrounds in Ghost pirates were better than Tales.
  • A bit early yet, isn't it? I mean, most of us here wouldn't have even played Ghost Pirates yet.
  • Is this even poll even fair, being on a monkey island board and all?
  • Giant Tope;267149 said:
    Is this even poll even fair, being on a monkey island board and all?
    Fair call. Maybe we should post the same poll on the Autumn Moon forums and then we can get the aggregate results.
  • I don't even have a clue what I'm trying to do in Ghost Pirates, and I've only just started. Its just not as clearly designed as Tales.
  • Ghost pirates is clearly better it has pirates.
  • Well, I like Starling as much as Morgan, and I love the art style in Ghost Pirates, but it was a bit washed out and artificial compared to Curse and even A Vampyre Story to me, so I go with Tales. Because it has everything else. Great effort though, Bill! Keep it up!
  • PariahKing;267219 said:
    Ghost pirates is clearly better it has pirates.
    Um... so does Tales.
  • Tales is clearly head on shoulders above Ghost Pirates in terms of storyrelling, voice acting, puzzles, controls and technical aspects as well as graphics design.

    Playing Ghost Pirates makes me appreciate Tales even more.
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