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Steve Purcell answers your questions!

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Edit: The questions have been answered here. Thanks!


Let's get straight to the point. Is there a question that you want to ask Steve Purcell, the creator of Sam & Max? No problem, because now you can. Head on over here and leave a comment on the article with what you want answered. If it's good enough, that's just what'll happen. Remember, you need an account on the site to post comments.
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  • Here's my question:

    Since Sam & max was originally your brother's idea, has he made any comics as of late? If not, did he make any other comics besides Sam & Max when he was a kid?

    [EDIT] I just saw the website link. I would've put my question on there, but you need to sign in & I'm too lazy to do that.
  • I can't post a comment. I cant find a box to type in or a link to click on. So ill just put my questions here for now.

    1. Do you think it's unfair how Max gets to be president, high priest of the sea chimps, have psychic powers, etc. and all Sam gets is a suit and a massive gun (double entendre not intended)

    2. Do you think Season 3 will be as awesome as Season 2? Are you excited or proud of it?

    3. Have you ever considered voicing a character in one of the games or did you consider it during the tv season?

    4. I heard you work at Pixar, or at least you have worked there once at least. What did you do there?

    5. What are you going to use the money from your auction of the Monkey Island print for?

    6. Do you like Chinese food? I know a good place...

    7. What sort of TV shows are you into?

    8. Have you begun to grow tired of Sam & Max? If not, do you think you ever will?

    9. What's with the hat? I've seen you wearing it in pictures and videos. Never in person, unfortunately...

    10. What's your opinion of other Telltale Games? Do you play them? Things like Strong Bad and Monkey Island and Wallace and Gromit. If you haven't played them, have you played the Sam & Max games, or just helped make them?

    And there we go. Done. And if any of you take these questions, I'm gonna hunt you down and... thank you for finding me insightful!
  • Sorry... seems the comment rating feature bugged itself and made the comment box vanish. Should all be sorted now. Go forth with your questions (...on the site)!
  • Question:

    Who do you think you are?
  • xChri5x;268998 said:

    Who do you think you are?
    I'm batman.
  • StLouisRibs;269002 said:
    I'm batman.
    Thumbs up! image

    I laughed.
  • it reminds me of a joke from a radio show

    SEAGOON: Who do you think you are!?
    SEAGOON: You're Napoleon?
    ECCLES: No, but that's who I think I am
  • Mine? Favorite character in Sam and Max who's neither a dog or rabbit thing.
  • It's the last day to submit your questions, so get them in!
  • When will you be interviewing him?
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